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A Professional Organization for Children with Special Needs in France

Services offered for parents

SPRINT helps families with special needs children find the appropriate educational, medical, and therapeutic services.


  • informs parents about programs offered in various international and bilingual schools.
  • refers newly arrived and resident families to appropriate specialists for assessments, therapy, medical specialists, and remediation.
  • refers departing families to specialists abroad.
  • connects parents to support networks.

Members of SPRINT have expertise in many aspects of special needs, including, but not limited to: Developmental delay, autism, communication and learning problems, physical handicaps, adjustment and behavioral difficulties, attention deficit disorder, giftedness and tutoring.

KidJam music and movement classes are going strong now for over five years. With over twenty years of experience, Valerie Beatson, Juilliard-trained opera singer, educated in early-childhood learning at the Diller-Quayle school of Manhattan, creates classes for kids age 3 months to 3 years (with accompanying adult), and 3.5-6 years, along with live piano accompaniment.

Children are encouraged to find their internal beat, and with that awakening, find their own physical and verbal awareness. Classes are taught in English, but by a bilingual staff, who caters to each child’s language needs. In 2014, KidJam revised it’s mission, determined to make classes more accessible to children with developmental delays. With the creation of SPAN (SPRINT Parents’ Action Network) by KidJam is reaching out to parents and professionals, providing a support group, and informational meetings.

SPAN: SPRINT’s Parents’ Action Network, reborn in 2014, is dedicated to connecting parents of children with developmental delays through group support meetings on a monthly basis, hosted by group members. SPAN also is devoted to connecting parents with SPRINT professionals who can advise them in finding the professional care they need.

Past SPAN meeting minutes:

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