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Jenny Feinmann

Jenny Feinmann

Educational Psychologist and specialist teacher

Doctorate in Educational Psychology (University College London, 2016). British Psychological Society: Associate Fellow and Chartered Psychologist. Been living in Paris 25+ years. Worked as educational psychologist and learning support teacher at The International School of Paris. Now working as independent educational psychologist (micro-entrepreneur status in France).
I am specialised in multilingual language development but also work with students who speak mainly English. I will carry out limited and targeted assessments to plan individual learning programmes and to establish access to exam accommodations. Also happy to be contacted by parents, teachers, and school administrators (preferably by email) for consultations about a variety of school and learning related issues: e.g. school choice, impact of multilingualism, family language policies, specific learning difficulties and behavioural issues. I also work with schools to help establish policies and practices on EAL, learning support, bullying etc. Assessments mainly in English but I speak French fluently.

phone 06 87 30 12 76
home  75012 Paris
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